Why Hire a Proofreader

This is a topic that needs to be discussed only because most people don’t always understand WHY this is needed, even on simple things. First, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes, and we are all known for overlooking our own errors, it’s called being human. That being said, when we do make a mistake, we don’t need or want the entire world to see it.

I’m not going to go into huge detail about what a proofreader is or does because I believe we all understand that to some extent. We remember the proverbial “red pen” markups and that’s just what a proofreader does. This is more of an explanation of WHY it needs to be done.

Here you go. I think an image can speak for itself. This was an article about a horrible incident where a FedEx driver threw a heavy package over someone’s fence and it landed on top of their 4lb dog. It was a tragedy and during this holiday season, it definitely needed to be brought to the public’s attention. However, guess what the comments were primarily about? Snot and pays. Over 20 comments were remarking on the misspelled word and the formatting error. By the end of today, who knows how many comments there will be, but this is unacceptable.

Not only did a disaster occur, but the story that was meant to bring awareness to the event was being sidetracked by 2 easily fixable mistakes. All of this could have been avoided by having a proofreader go over the story before it was released.

So think about what image you would like to be brought to the public when you write an article, book, or even web content and decide if having someone read it over for you would be beneficial.

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