Having a book club is fun and the first rule of book club is to talk about book club. Here’s the thing, I get asked frequently to do book reviews, but my one review isn’t really enough for anyone really to make a difference. So what I’m working on now is to create a Facebook Page – i2i-Book Reviews and I am inviting everyone to join in.

I’d like to have various authors who are willing to give away a book to receive actual reviews, there is never a guarantee people will like your book, so these would be ACTUAL HONEST reviews from active readers. I’m a big fan of Kindle Unlimited, as many know, and would like readers to have that option. So join up on the Facebook page – I already have one book that has requested reviews!

How many times have you read a book and posted a review? Honestly, I wasn’t one to do this until I started working with authors and publishers. It just wasn’t my thing. However, I recognized the benefit, not only to my fellow readers but to the authors who need honest feedback.

I found this all out by posting a 3-star review. It wasn’t something I usually did, but it got the attention of the author as they don’t like to see those. The book had a WONDERFUL story-line and I loved it, BUT it was choppy and characters were added in that seemed completely out of place so I never knew where they stood inside the story-line. The author responded and made some great changes in the next book which tied everything and everyone together where I was then able to give the 2nd book 5-stars. The first book still was choppy, but it was work reading and going to the 2nd and 3rd books to continue the story.

So, if this is something you would enjoy working on, you would get some books for free and all that’s asked of you is to write HONEST reviews. Simple right? Then join the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/i2ibooks/