Saturn and Her Rings: Sonni's story (Mended Universe, #2)Saturn and Her Rings: Sonni’s story by B.L. Mute
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Take a moment when you read this book, it gives you a lot. I did read the first one in the series, which I strongly suggest even though you can read them as individual books.

Sensitive people there are quite a few triggers in this book, child abuse, accidents, etc. and that can make a big difference when reading and even after you finish. As a former foster parent, I don’t appreciate foster parents always shown as “people from hell” and terrible, evil people, but I understand they are out there and things need to be said.

Sonni is a likeable character and she’s built up quickly and well which was nice as this seemed to be a quick read (maybe it was just me?) I started the book and next thing I know I was 60% done so, of course, I had to finish it.

After reading the first one, I knew I would need a lighter read after this one and that is something to consider. It makes you think, it makes you believe, and it makes you want to cry all at the same time.

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