About Dana

Hello! I’m Dana. I’ve Been Working Online for Over 20 Years

I am a self-proclaimed geek and have been since the 1980’s when I had my first computer (and Atari 1200XL with a tape player and even a color monitor!).  Learning is something I enjoy and thrive in the challenge.  I am always looking at way at making myself and my clients’ just a little bit better.

Our Process


First thing we are going to do is discuss what you would like done and verify that my work and your business will work well together.  



Together we will design a plan of action and customize it for your business.   



Changes will always need to be make throughout the process as you and your business grow and we will adjust as we get there and need to.



Your future success is just as exciting for me as it is for you. I am looking forward to watching your business grow and being a part of it in the background.