Are you Ready to Get Your life back?

Your solopreneur journey just got easier! Learn how to grow, scale, and automate your business by leveraging the special techniques that I've acquired over the past 25 years…

Guided Mentorship to Help You Get Your Life Back!

Let’s face it…You started your business because you want to have more freedom. But somewhere down the lane, the purpose slid away and all that remained was continuous hustle and the fact that you can no longer find the time to put yourself out there…

This is where I step in to leverage my 25 years of experience in helping solopreneurs navigate and grow without adopting the main-stream methods. My methods allow you to use tools and techniques that help you get more clients while automating your business without any drastic changes.

💥 Feeling stressed about trying to manage all the tasks in your business on your own

💥 Feeling like you've lost your time and freedom since you started your business

💥 Wearing too many hats and juggling too much

💥 Longing for a way to automate your processes and have everything in one place

💥 Ready to be able to step away from your computer and enjoy the reason why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.....freedom

💥 Feeling like you are stuck as a "one-person-show" and don't know how you could possibly scale your business with so much on your plate already

💥 You started your business so that you could have more control and freedom over your life.

💥 You have exciting, innovative ideas that flow through your brain daily.

💥 You want to grow and scale your business, rather than stay stuck at your current income ceiling.

💥 You know that if you had the right tools and support, that you could bring your ideas to life. You know that it would mean more freedom.

💥 You know that it would allow you to scale to new heights in your business.

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What a Difference a System Makes!

I’m your Automation Expert!

I will design and set up automation systems so that you can scale your business and get your life back.

We get your business set up to automate all the busy work that keeps you away from growing your business. Through this business management software, clients can quickly book your services while you keep track of the customer analytics your business needs.

Stay on track utilizing a project management software system customized for you and your business. A system strategy day will help you have a streamlined process customized for your business.

You have the ideas, now let's make them happen! From building a team that will get the work done to laying out a plan of action to get your systems and launches up and running. This frees you up to grow your business and do what you do best.

An entrepreneur and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping solopreneurs get their time back by educating them on how to grow, scale, and automate their businesses…

With 25 years of business experience under my belt, I can honestly say that I've felt the same way. Stuck. Frustrated. Wanting to automate and scale, but not knowing how. My life stuck on repeat every day with task after task. Lost time and freedom. Grinding away in my business. Then I discovered two important things…

  • You need to leverage management tools to automate your business
  • You need to have the RIGHT tools to grow your business

Once I realized that many solopreneurs are wasting away important time to learn and absorb these, I decided to put myself out there to help them get things right!

Elizabeth Rowen

Dana Sacco of i2iHype is amazing!! When I started my bookkeeping business, I knew I had to have contact to contract as well as task management systems in place to efficiently run my business. Dana not only set up both systems for me but patiently guided me through the learning curve. Engaging i2iHype was the best decision I’ve made for my business!

Andrea Rodgers

You are a life saver!! Thank you!! I'm learning. I appreciate your helping me and providing a "safety net"

Alyssa Lang

Hands down, Dana has been such a game-changer for me and my business! She communicates clearly, gives suggestions where she sees fit and easily helps me to outsource all parts of my business to others as well! I wish I would have discovered Dana sooner! If you're looking for someone to help you excel in your business, she's your gal.

Jobie Summer

Dana knows so much about automation!! She understands how all the pieces of the puzzle work to help you get your passion in front of your audience. And, thank goodness, she will do it all for you. Dana helped me link leads from my Squarespace website to my Active Campaign follow-up email campaigns. She even helped me connect my Calendly scheduling system and used Zapier when needed. She set up my leads from Facebook ads to make a purchase of a class in a shopping cart on Squarespace. So grateful to find a woman who can talk strategy AND implement!! A unique combination for sure. Thank you, Dana!!

Alisa Tongg

I really lucked out when I found Dana Sacco to help me refine my use of a new Honeybook software system for my clients. She was able to quickly understand the intricacies and nuance of my business and how I needed my workflow and interactions to be, and used her deep knowledge of a whole bunch of tech products to set me up. She also was very responsive and accommodating, and found the time to fit me in for an emergency session before the holidays. Thank you Dana!

Josh Chernikoff

I couldn't have done my CRM set up without Dana for my new consulting business. AND, I won't do my bookkeeping without Dana for my consulting business. That should tell you that not only were her services essential for me to get started with my consulting business -- I see Dana as essential to my business going forward. From one entrepreneur to another, don't start your business in consulting without consulting with Dana!

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